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Open Day

Irymple Kindergarten hold an open day during Education Week in May every year.

This date will be advertised in the newspaper and on our Facebook page.

Please feel free to come along and experience first-hand all that our Kindergarten has to offer,

meet our teachers and allow your child to enjoy our wonderful kindergarten.

The Kindergarten Enrolment Officer from Mildura Rural City Council will also be available for



Choosing a Kindergarten


Every family is different. This means the kindergarten program you choose should be a good fit with your child and family.

To find kindergarten programs in your local area (or area of choice) click here or contact Mildura Rural City Council.

Open Days are a great way to get a ‘feel’ for each program, to ask questions and to share information about your child. You can also find out about the days and times the kindergarten program runs, how to enrol your child and any fees charged and subsidies available.

Visit more than one kindergarten if you can. Try not to rely only on what other families say.

What to look for when you visit a service

  • Were you made to feel welcome? High-quality kindergarten programs are based on a partnership between families and educators.

  • Did the educators ask questions about your child and your family? Were the educators interested in your questions and concerns?

  • If your child was with you, did the educators engage directly with your child (rather than speaking to your child through you)?

  • Are there a variety of fun and challenging learning opportunities that celebrate the cultures of the children who use the service?

  • Do the indoor and outdoor areas offer the children stimulating learning experiences – for example, the opportunity to explore and discover new things? Is there space for the children to play with others or alone? Are there spaces where children can go to be quiet?


Have your questions ready

  • How will the educators work with you to support your child’s learning?

  • How will the educators include your child’s interests?

  • What opportunities will there be to discuss your child’s progress?

  • If your child has additional needs, how will the service support you and your child?

  • How does the program encourage positive behaviour?

  • What will happen if your child becomes unwell or upset?

  • Does the service have a kindergarten certificate on display? This certificate shows that that a kindergarten program receives funding from the Victorian Government and is taught by a qualified early childhood teacher.

  • What is the service’s rating against the National Quality Standard (part of an Australia-wide quality system of education and care services)? Can you see the written assessment?


How old should my child be when they start kindergarten?

It is usual for children to attend a kindergarten program in the year before they start primary school. This is often called ‘four-year-old kindergarten’.

Your child can start school if they turn five years old by 30 April of the year they start school. Your child must be enrolled in school by the age of six, unless they have an exemption. So, if your child’s birthday falls before 30 April in the calendar year, you have a choice about whether to enrol your child in school in the year they turn five or the next year. Children learn at different rates, in different ways, and at different times. In some cases, your child may benefit from starting a kindergarten program later.


Where can I get advice on the best time to start kindergarten?

If you are unsure about the best time for your child to start a kindergarten program, ask a kindergarten educator for advice. Find out how the kindergarten program can support your child.

Meet with the principal or a teacher at the school that your child is likely to attend. Talk about the best time for your child to start Prep. Find out how the Prep program can support your child.

As well, you can talk with your child’s Maternal and Child Health nurse, family doctor and any other professionals your child sees (for example, speech therapist, physiotherapist or paediatrician).


Can my child go to kindergarten for more than one year?


Children who are:

• Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, or

• known to Child Protection, or referred Child Protection to Child FIRST

can go to kindergarten for free or at low cost for two years before they start primary school, usually starting when they are three years old.

Some children with developmental delays who complete four-year-old kindergarten may benefit from completing a second year of funded kindergarten before going on to school.

Talk to a kindergarten educator if you would like to know more about these options.


Do you need an interpreter?


The Victorian Government provides a free interpreter service for families attending funded kindergarten programs. Ask your child’s kindergarten educator or service manager to call the free interpreter service.


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