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Irymple Kindergarten Philosophy








What’s the Hurry? - Education is a journey not a race


  1. At Irymple Kindergarten our aim is to provide a safe, caring and welcoming environment to allow all children to reach their full potential.  Our intention is to promote self-esteem so our children can be happy and confident learners.


  2. We acknowledge that each child is an individual therefore our goal is to provide an environment that allows each child to enhance their skills regardless of gender, level of ability, social and cultural background. We recognise the diverse needs of children and their families and our preschool is accessible and inclusive to all families at all times.


  3. We believe that children learn best through play.  As such we provide the environment and resources to allow children to discover answers themselves; to explore, create, imagine and improvise.  Our qualified teachers promote time to play so that each child can make sense of things they are exposed to; to question, to experiment, to practise.


  4. We plan educational programs that support and encourage socialisation/friendships, fine and gross motor skills, language, self-help skills, respect, responsibility and confidence.  Staff continually observe and review our practises, we work together to challenge and support each other, allowing us to develop and enhance every child’s educational needs.


  5. Our programs are based on the interests and ideas of the children. We aim to enhance learning outcomes through daily experiences targeted at the children’s strengths and abilities which are provided in partnership with parents, educators and the community.  We promote open communication between staff, families and children to allow us to maintain sensitive and supportive relationships.  Our educational environment respects the rights and feelings of children, parents and staff.


The Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework & The Early Years learning Framework are an integral part of our Kindergarten practice and curriculum.  Qualified teachers at Irymple Kindergarten set clear goals and professional expectations to maintain a continually improving educational service.

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